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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn’t answered on this page, please feel free to contact us – the friendly people at our Wales-based contact centre will be more than happy to help!

Can any company sell energy to the public?

No. Energy suppliers must hold a full licence from Ofgem to supply electricity and gas in Wales, England and Scotland. This is a complex, highly-regulated industry with stringent license conditions that we have to operate by.

When can I become a customer?

We are currently preparing the company for Controlled Market Entry, which is a period where we make sure that all our software and processes are working and that customers can switch to us without any hitches. We expect to start taking on customers in early 2018. To be notified of when you can get a quote for our great introductory tariffs, you need to pre-register as a customer.

Is your energy renewable?

As experienced renewable energy developers, we are keen to supply as much power from renewables as possible. In the short term, renewable energy will be part of our energy mix as we will buy our energy on the wholesale market. Once established, we will seek to purchase more renewable energy from Welsh generators, such as solar farms.

Do you speak Welsh?

As a Wales-based company, we will be bilingual in all our communications. Once trading, our contact centre will be ready to answer any queries in English or Welsh, and customers will be able to choose which language their bills (and other correspondences) are in.

Why don’t you set up as a charity?

At One Wales Energy – Un Ynni Cymru, making a profit and creating social benefits will go hand-in-hand. As a business, we will ensure that we keep a commercial focus, allowing us to maximise returns for shareholders and communities.
Our long term plan is to buy renewable energy generated in Wales, OFFERING A GREENER SUPPLY FOR OUR COUNTRY’S FUTURE.