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One Wales Energy Case Studies

Real stories from real customers who made the switch to One Wales Energy!

If you’re not sure whether we’re the right supplier for you, you may be interested in our customer case studies. Click on one of the people below to read their story and find out how they benefitted from switching from their old energy supplier to One Wales Energy.
Dave's Case StudyDave Evans
Dave Evans, age 53, and his wife live in their house in South Wales and are keen to reduce their energy consumption whilst supporting Welsh business if possible.
Ian's Case StudyIan Norton
Ian Norton, age 68, and his wife live in their house in Penarth Marina. Ian’s children from his first marriage moved out long ago, so the couple are conscious of controlling their energy usage and keeping their bills down.
Liz's Case StudyLiz Gibbs-Murray
As a former charity director turned accountancy office manager, ethics and value for money go hand in hand for Liz Gibbs-Murray, age 55, from South Wales.
Melissa's Case StudyMelissa Theophanous
As the mother of three children Melissa Theophanous, age 36, and her partner are always looking for the best energy deals for their terraced house in Penarth.
Our long term plan is to buy renewable energy generated in Wales, OFFERING A GREENER SUPPLY FOR OUR COUNTRY’S FUTURE.