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About one wales energy

We are Wales' independent gas and electricity provider.

One Wales Energy – Un Ynni Cymru Ltd was founded by Jude Cook and Jon Townend, who both wanted to see Wales benefit from having its own independent energy provider.
“We’re building an energy supply company that is doing the right thing for consumers and communities in Wales, while helping to nurture a cleaner, more resilient domestic energy supply sector.”
Jude and Jon
One Wales Energy – Un Ynni Cymru is a mission-led enterprise, which means we’ll keep social responsibility and service at the core of our business.
What makes us better than other energy providers

Better for customers

We keep our tariffs simple and competitively-priced, with great customer service from a Wales-based contact centre.

Better for communities

We support communities in Wales, helping them to become stronger and more sustainable by offering free membership of our Community Affiliate Scheme and a charitable grant fund for community groups in Wales.

Better for the environment

We want to see more energy generated from clean sources so as to reduce CO2 emissions and establish a more secure energy supply for the future. Most of our tariffs will focus on a mixture of clean and sustainable energy sources, and we will be moving towards increasing the percentage of renewable energy in our fuel mix over time.

Better for Wales

By creating jobs, contributing to the Welsh economy, and promoting the Welsh language, we want to mark ourselves out as a truly Welsh electricity provider.
Our long term plan is to buy renewable energy generated in Wales, OFFERING A GREENER SUPPLY FOR OUR COUNTRY’S FUTURE.