One Wales Energy | THE TEAM
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Jon Townend – Managing Director

I’m Jon Townend, Managing Director and I’ll be maintaining an overview across the business operations. I want to ensure that we have effective specialist supply systems, provide excellent customer services, adopt a cautious approach to wholesale energy trading and achieve our ambitious growth plans so that we are in a position to give fair and generous profit distributions to our shareholders and the communities that support us.


Motivation: A strong belief that Wales can support its own successfulcompanies and develop its own energy industry that will help provide a better, more sustainable energy future for our children.


Valued for: An open mind, leadership, determination.


5 facts about me:

  • I’m nearly through my (late) mid-life crisis but I’ve still got the motorbike.
  • Others often know more than me or have greater abilities – so I let them get on with it and try and encourage the best from them.
  • I’m a landscape architect and environmentalist by background and came into the energy sector because of a belief in the benefits of renewable energy.
  • I was the MD of a company that developed solar farms generating 90MW of renewable electricity.
  • I’m English but I’m getting over it.

Jude Cook – Commercial Director

I’m Jude Cook, Commercial Director.  Having created and developed our USPs, it is now my job to our marketing operations and make sure we meet our ambitious sales targets whilst maintaining excellent customer satisfaction.  In particular I’m keen to find new ways to engage with our markets and build key strategic relationships across all sectors.  I’ll be staying on top of trends and forecasts to identify new opportunities for growth and development and ensure we remain flexible and innovative in the market.


In the short term I’ll be responsible for making sure we’re addressing our corporate social responsibility and promoting our affiliate scheme. So plenty to do then!


Motivation: Committed to being a ‘social entrepreneur’ and successfully creating a sustainable Welsh business that is both doing well and doing good things.


Valued for: Creative thinking, resourcefulness and determination.


5 facts about me:

  • I enjoy bringing people together and finding interesting ways to engage with them.
  • My friends call me a ‘serial entrepreneur’. I have set up 5 small businesses (so far!).
  • I have a Masters degree in Environmental Management and, having worked in promoting energy efficiency and renewables, I want Wales to lower its carbon footprint.
  • I’m from the valleys, studied at Aberystwyth University and have lived in Wales all my life.
  • I try hard to cancel out cake with running, sometimes successfully.

Mike Phillips – Head of Operations

I’m Mike Phillips, Head of Operations and I’ll be overseeing One Wales Energy-Un Ynni Cymru’s retail market entry.  This will include the creation and management of industry regulated policies and business processes. These processes are needed to drive the company forward into the market successfully. I will also be ensuring that we maintain inter- operability with all other relevant industry parties. In support of this, One Wales Energy-Un Ynni Cymru will need to carry out testing of their systems to ensure industry standards are met. This is expected to be done prior to market entry. I will be overseeing the testing project also.


Motivation: To be part of a homegrown energy supplier is all the motivation I need.


Valued for: Honesty, tenacity and open mindedness.


5 facts about me:

  • I have been involved in many successful Supplier market entry projects. I believe the number to be around 25 new start-ups in all.
  • I was a semi pro musician playing guitar in a host of different bands on the Welsh circuit for – 20 years.
  • In 1992 I played in a band at a free festival in Singleton Park in Swansea in front of some 16000 people.
  • I have written one fictional novella and co-written another with a good friend.
  • I have a collection of some 18 guitars (electric and acoustic).

We will be recruiting for a number of positions, so if you are keen to work for us please send us an email enquiry regarding vacancies.