One Wales Energy | MISSION
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“To be the leading energy supplier for Wales”

Providing competitive tariffs

Generating a high degree of customer loyalty

Building stronger, more sustainable communities

Contributing to the Welsh economy

Everything we do, from our Wales-based bilingual contact centre to fair tariff pricing, to our business structure and local ownership – is all part of working to achieving this goal.


The Welsh domestic energy supply market is worth £1.4 billion. We aim to secure 10% of that market by 2023 and you could benefit from the profits!


We will run One Wales Energy – Un Ynni Cymru as a ‘profit with purpose’ business.  This approach combines a conventional profit-making business with a commitment to supporting social and environmental benefits for Wales.


One of the ways we will do this is through a Community Affiliate Scheme, offering organisations a way to generate a long term income stream, by earning referral and retention fees when their members, supporters, local community etc. switch to us.


Jude and Jon – One Wales Energy Co-Founders

“Having social objectives doesn’t mean we aren’t commercially minded. We are driven to run a profitable business, but it’s what we do with the profits that makes us different.”

The more people that switch to us for their electricity and gas supply and the more community groups that join our affiliate network, the more successful we will be as a business and the more we can contribute to the wellbeing of Wales.


We want to keep the profits from the money we all spend on our energy circulating in the Welsh economy, benefiting us all.


If you share our philosophy and want to get involved by investing and joining our journey, or switching to our tariffs, then follow the links below.


Click here to find out more about our crowdfund, where you can join our growing community of investors by buying shares in One Wales Energy – Un Ynni Cymru (£500 minimum subscription).


If you’d like to find out more about our pricing and how easy it is to switch to One Wales Energy, simply click below to register your contact details and we’ll let you know when our tariffs are available.