One Wales Energy | FAQ’s
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Why don't you set up the supply company as a charity?

At One Wales Energy – Un Ynni Cymru, making profit and creating social benefits will go handinhand.  Trading as a business will ensure that we keep a commercial focus and maximise returns for shareholders and communities.  This structure also allows us to raise equity investment through a crowd fund while being a ‘social’ business.

When can I become a customer?

We are currently preparing the company for Controlled Market Entry, which is a period where we make sure that all our software and processes are working and that customers can switch to us without any hitches.  We expect to take on customers early in 2018. To be notified of when you can get a quote and switch, please complete a contact form and we’ll be in touch.

Are you bilingual?

As a Wales-based company, we are working towards being bilingual in all our communications.  At the moment we are learners, so please bear with us as we work towards this goal. Once trading, we will have Welsh speaking customer advisors in our contact centre, ready to answers any queries in English or Welsh and customers will be able to choose which language their bills etc are in.

Who can join your Community Affiliate Scheme?

This is an opportunity for Community organisations to generate a long term income stream by registering as an Affiliate.  When their friends, members, local community etc switch to us for their  energy supply, the Affiliate will earn a referral fee, then a retention fee for every year the customer stays with us.

It’s easiest to explain who can join with a few examples: School PTAs, church and chapel congregations, sports teams and clubs, community centres local charities and good causes, local arts groups, choirs, carer support groups, special interest clubs …….. and probably more that we haven’t thought of yet!

Whatever your ‘community of interest’ is that needs support, we’ll be there.

Can any company sell energy to the public?

No. Energy suppliers must hold a full licence from Ofgem to supply electricity and gas in Wales, England and Scotland.  This is a complex, highly regulated industry, the electricity supply licence conditions we have to operate by are over 500 pages long!

How will OWE be different from its competitors?

We believe that our values and strong Welsh roots set us apart from our competitors.  There’s no-one quite like us in the supply market!

We are determined to share our success with shareholders and communities alike, and so we will be doing things a little differently. In Wales, about £1.4 billion is spent on domestic energy bills and we believe that people, communities and the local economy should benefit from the profits this generates. One Wales Energy-Un Ynni Cymru will offer customers competitive tariffs, no-hassle switching, a local contact centre and benefits to the community on your doorstep.

Are you green?

As experienced renewable energy developers, we are keen to supply as much power from renewables as possible.  In the short term, renewable energy will be part of the energy mix, but we’ll need to buy our energy on the wholesale market to keep tariffs low while we build up our customer base. Once established we will be seeking to purchase as much renewable energy as possible from Welsh generators, such as solar farms.


Click here to find out more about our crowdfund, where you can join our growing community of investors by buying shares in One Wales Energy – Un Ynni Cymru (£500 minimum subscription).


If you’d like to find out more about our pricing and how easy it is to switch to One Wales Energy, simply click below to register your contact details and we’ll let you know when our tariffs are available.